Our Companies

We are proud to deal with big companies, you can take a look on them and know more details


Elsan is a world brand with its production capacity of 30.000 ton/year and exporting %65 of its production pursuant to, ISO 9001:2008 , ISO TS 16949: 2009 , UL and RoHS standards.


Elektrosan has been active for 40 years and each passing year adds new investments to modern facilities in Samsun. We integrated with the World and Turkish Industry in the working area of 41,000 Square meters and 31,000 square meter production space.


Leading electric heat power producer Komec, manufactures a unit, which has excellent endurance properties. This is due to the special EPOXY and VARNISH used.

Image International Trading

(Image International Trading Co.), founded in 1998 in UAE, is a reputable trading representative and consultancy service group active in the field of supplying the latest innovative decorating products with proven successful track record.


Parabelleza is a manufacturer and exporter of high quality PVC deco sheets and interior films for the buildings and the furnitures interior/ exterior materials


With decades of experience and technology, we acquired the quality management system certificate (CERMET ASIA) Eco friendly products, which have acquired the highest level of Eco-Label.

Duk Yoo

With the newest manufacturing technology and automated system, Duk Yoo produces Deco Tiles giving new clean look on the floor. With open to customers’ demand and request, the company runs with customer to manage the company.


The company’s products are the standard input materials of several industries including electro technique, electronic, motor, communication, power generation and distribution, solar and renewable energy, home appliances, measurement instruments, defense, automotive, chemical, construction, heating, air-conditioning and sanitary plumbing

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