Our Brands

We are proud to have big brands, you can take a look on them and know more details

Excellent technology with high quality of home appliances for all your daily home needs, discover our dish washers, Air conditioners, LEDs, Chest freezers, cooker hoods and many more products designed for a superior life.

Centrepoint gas cookers emphasize the value of traditional cooking with a modern bend. Centrepoint gas cookers make it possible to cook different foods together without making flavors mixing into each other.


These cookers tender great performance due to less cooking time , more even temperature and more smooth cooking.


Get delighted with superior viewing experience with our GoldenArc LED televisions, imaginatively designed, exceptional image quality , advanced colour quality & energy efficient.


A wide diversity of smart TVs with amazing specs and various sizes, which have the stiffness of steel and the delicacy of a feather, for you to choose from.


Give your eyes the joy they deserve by choosing the luxurious excellent Pacific TVs with great features and high definition screen.


We don’t just provide home appliances, we seek to provide the best Lifestyle for you and your family.


When you are baffled and don’t know what to choose, choose Greens for its great performing high quality washing machines and smart TVs


In different sizes and superior quality, Lorenzo TV screens offers you the best experience of all time.


With its full HD bright colors TV screens and its washing machines that comes with 2 basins for washing and drying clothes, GiovanniNM is your must choice.

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